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Grudens Return? Why?

Posted on: November 13, 2009 11:28 pm

With everyone talking about wanting Jon Gruden to come back, I find myself asking my self a question. Why would Chucky come back to work under Mr. Davis? No doubt he would not want to work under the same conditions he had years ago. But then I started to think, maybe he would come back because he knows how much Raider Nation still loves him to this day, despite the Super Bowl he won to our dismay. After thinking that, I pondered that if he were to come back and return our squad to prominence like he did in his previous tenure he would go down as one of, if not, the best coaches is Raider lure ranking up their with Flores and the Great Madden.

With that being said, the big thing that would draw him would be the talent, and potential this young team has on Offense.

QB - JaMarcus Russell - Gruden loves his quarterbacks, but he likes them disciplined and in shape. Gruden would be great for Russell who has considerable talent, all the intangibles, but seems to everyone to have no work ethic. That work ethic would change instantly with the arrival of Gruden. His No-Nonsense attitude would demand Russell to knock off the even keel bullshit, and get to work and hone his decision making skills. Another thing, Gruden loves the short passing of the West Coast offense with quick releases. The quick releases will make him stop over thinking situations and just do what he has been coached to do. I also assume with Gruden coming back he would demand full control over his staffing, and would bring in his and our old QB, Rich Gannon to tutor the man some of the Nation has called "Bustell".

RB - Darren McFadden - This kid has Burning speed, good hands, and a GREAT stiff arm. I believe when Gruden looks at this team he sees DMC as a bigger faster version of Charlie Garner. He would get about 14-16 rushes, and about 6-8 caches a game. Get the ball in his hands on circle routes or the flat or hitting quick slants lining up in the slot. Anything to get him space to be special.

RB - Michael Bus - This guy is big, bruising, and can run away from people given the chance. I think he would be seen as a hybrid of Tyrone Wheatley and Zack Crockett. He would get about 10-12 carries, and a lot of the short yardage and goal line. Of course he might get more carries if the yards start piling up, and Run DMC would get more slot work.

TE - Zack Miller - He is the best young Tight End in the league, unquestionable. I personally thought we had a great history of TE's leading from Casper, and to my time with Rickey Dudley, Doug Jolley, Jeremy Bringham, and Teyo Johnson. But with the last 4 I think my ideas of them were shaded by my love for the Raiders, and a lot of Playing Madden. Throughout the first Gruden Era we never had a tight end with the production Zack has had the last 2 years. That might have something to do with them playing with Brown and Rice, but I digress. Zack would do great things with Gruden's attack, running sluggo seams, crosses, slants, short ins. Gruden really help one of the leaders on our offense and make him elite. Yes we do have Tony Stewart and Brandon Myers.  This is a little outlandish but maybe Gruden will make 2 TE sets a priority, offers extra protection, and run blocking,  as well as dual receiving threats. We also do not really have a full back so this would be great.

WR - Chaz Schillens - We all think this guy can be really good. He definitely has the heart and determination. He has good hands and I think he has the right attitude for Gruden. Hard Working, and will do the work to get better at route running, and could flourish under the right leader, and since Jamarcus is suspect and will have to be groomed by Gannon/Gruden, then I must say what keeps Gruden from bringing in Timmy Brown to help this guy grow? Nothing, Brown is a legend and would be welcomed with open arms even by Mr. Davis.

WR - Louis Murphy - Guy is a Burner, and I like to think of him as are 1st round pick instead of DHB, no offense is intended. His hands have deceived him a few times, but he does have the only TD from our WR core this year, and should have two with the infamous overturn opening night. Brown would be a huge influence on this kid as well.


With some talented pieces in place i dont see what would cause Gruden to not come aboard if given full control of football operations, and staffing.

I dont recall who said it so if you read this and it was you say so, but I read a post that stated "The only thing real about the Raiders anymore, is the fans." If you really ponder on that it is sad, and I as well as most of you beleive Gruden is the key to our return to glory.

So I must end with this, no matter what ESPN says, THE RAIDER NATION IS ALIVE AND WELL!
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